Opening Technique

Wendt is your expert for opening technology and unlocking tools. Our brands ZIEH-FIX® and Lockmaster® stand for quality locking tools worldwide. Many of our opening tools are even produced on site in our in-house production and are therefore unlocking tools Made in Germany.

Thanks to our modern manufacturing techniques, quality in unlocking tools does not have to be expensive. High-precision unlocking tools are manufactured in large quantities on CNC-controlled lathes and milling machines as well as our cutting center.

In addition, we have one of the largest assortments of unlocking tools in the world. Our range of opening tools includes unlocking tools for almost every lock.

And even if you don't find your suitable opnening tool in our online store, we will be happy to advise you on alternatives. Because our employees are also trained in the use of the unlocking tools.

Our unlocking tools are basically divided into destructive unlocking tools such as the ZIEH-FIX®, the ZIEH-FIX® Bell, Lockcracker, Drill, Straight Grinder, Cutter and many more, and manipulation tools such as Lockpicking tools, Lockpicking Sets, our ZIEH-FIX® Electric Pick, Latch Opening Tools, Window Opening Tools and many more.

No matter if you are looking for locksmith tools, tools for the fire department or breaking tools, you will find them with us.

We also offer numerous exotic opening tools, which were developed only for special locking systems. Thanks to our own research and development department, we can quickly develop new unlocking tools and permanently optimize existing ones.

In addition to a wide range of unlocking tools for domestic use, we also offer car opening tools, safe and vault opening tools, as well as a wide range of optional accessories for locking tools.

Thanks to our worldwide distribution network, our opening tools are available worldwide and are used by police departments, fire departments and locksmiths worldwide.



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    ZIEH-FIX® Electric - Pick III - Basic
    €390.92 €328.50
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    Peterson - Masters Tri-Fold Case
    €71.22 €59.85
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    G-3-4 - Evasion and Escape Set GS
    €35.70 €30.00
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    G-8-22 - Evasion and Escape Set GS
    €35.70 €30.00
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    Soubertools Lock Pick Set SS17
    €58.91 €49.50
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    Decoder for "TIBBE", Version "Standard" clockwise
    €89.99 €75.62
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    Valyrian Euro Medium Hook 2
    €5.30 €4.45
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    Valyrian Euro 0,5mm Deep Hook 3
    €5.30 €4.45
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    Valyrian Euro 0,5mm Tear Drop
    €5.30 €4.45
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    Valyrian Euro 0,5mm Bijou
    €5.30 €4.45
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    Valyrian Euro 0,5mm Curve
    €5.30 €4.45
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    Valyrian Euro 0,5mm Lockout Buster
    €5.30 €4.45
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