Vehicle Electronics

We specialize in programming devices for programming various electronic components in vehicles. With our automotive diagnostic equipment and our programmers you can program car keys, engine control units, airbag control units, immobilizers, transmission control units and perform chip tuning.


Among others, we sell programmers from Silca, Keyline, Advanced Diagnostics, MBE, ABRITES, XHorse VVDI and Magic Motorsport. With this large selection of brands of programmers, you will find a suitable product for almost every electronic problem with vehicles.


You have questions about our programmers? - No problem we will help you

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    VVDI Key Tool Plus
    €2,475.20 €2,080.00
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    ABRITES configurator

    From €15.23 €12.80

    To €122,960.63 €103,328.25

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    Protag V2 with TA31 and activation
    €595.00 €500.00
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    ZN075 - IR-Adapter for Mercedes Actros
    €178.50 €150.00
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    XTOOL H6Pro Master diagnostic device
    €2,618.00 €2,200.00
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    XTOOL X100 Pad Elite - Car key programming - different versions available
    As low as €2,201.50 €1,850.00
  8. NEU
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    ABRITES PROTAG Programmer
    €476.00 €400.00
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    Remote Examiner
    €202.30 €170.00
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    Orange 5 Immo package
    ORANGE 5 IMMO + Adapters
    €1,181.67 €993.00
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