Key Blades

Key swords for folding keys

In this section you will find different key blades for folding keys, conversion kits or emergency keys.

Key blades for SILCA folding keys

We would like to point out that the key blades for the SILCA folding keys with and without remote control only fit the SILCA folding keys. The key blades for SILCA folding keys are marked separately in the online store.

Folding key milling

The folding key profiles can be milled by specialized companies in your area. Contact us, we will gladly refer you to a specialized company for car keys, which can mill your folding key.

Find the right key tip for your folding key

On the left under the navigation you will find a filter, which can help you find the right profile.

Do you need help finding the right key blade or are you missing a profile? Contact us, we are happy to help you!