Control Units

Programming of control units is a lucrative business. Therefore, we also offer you various professional solutions and programming devices for programming ECUs. Our programming devices for control units in the automotive sector can be used to program, among other things: Airbag control units, engine control units, immobilizers, transmission control units and other electronic components can be easily adapted, coded, reset and written.

For programming ECUs, we offer solutions from ABRITES, Magic Motorsport, MBE, Scorpio and XHorse. All in all, all our programming devices for ECUs cover various aspects: For example, with Magic Motorsport you can not only do chip tuning, but also turn on or off some functions in the vehicle. With ABRITES you can reset used ECUs to factory settings and then you can program them with our or other products.


Very often engine, transmission or airbag control units can be programmed directly via special connectors or via the OBDII interface. If this is not the case, we offer Eeprom programmers such as ABRITES Abprog, Scorpio Orange 5, XHorse VVDi Prog and VVDI Mini Prog.


If you have any questions about the programming devices for control units or about programming itself, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Electronic gearbox system synchronization
    €1,071.00 €900.00
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    VVDI Key Tool Plus
    €2,475.20 €2,080.00
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    ABPROG Programmer
    €446.25 €375.00
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    ABPROG EEPROM / BCM adapter
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    ABPROG NEC Adapter with Socket
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    J1850 adapter for AVDI
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    AVDI cable for ESL(ELV) for Mercedes
    €30.46 €25.60
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