Car Key Repair

Just about all specialist companies that deal with car keys also repair car keys. This is because most customers do not need a new car key, but have a defective car key.

Therefore, car key repair is often also the cost-effective entry into car key services.

We offer the right equipment for car key repair for car key repair services, locksmiths, car repair shops, electrical contractors and all specialized companies that would like to repair car keys. No matter if you are looking for radio testers, micro switches, working documents, ESD tools or tools for car key repair. With us you will find what you are looking for.

With our equipment you can test the frequency of car key remote controls, replace micro switches, open and change car key housings and much more.

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    Button Switch Kit
    €143.04 €120.20
  2. Car key / Flip key tool for disambling
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  3. Tool set to open key shells and remotes
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    Empty Switch Box
    €4.88 €4.10
  5. Third hand with magnifying glasses
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  6. Car key / flip key assembly tool
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    HD USB camera for car key repairing
    €29.79 €25.03
  8. Testing tools for coil
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    Big pinning mat with magnets and storage compartments
    €31.98 €26.87
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    Underlay for garages, workshops and locksmith
    €21.30 €17.90
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    LSI MAT - Workbench Mat for locksmiths
    €72.46 €60.89
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11 Items

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