With chip tuning, new software is loaded into the electronics of the vehicle, which optimizes the performance of your vehicle. We offer here for chip tuning various solutions. Above all, you will find as a chip tuning device Magic Motorsport. So we also offer you a cost-effective investment if you want to operate chiptuning. With the master and slave versions of Magic Motorsport devices, you also do not need much expertise to write your own software for chiptuning. The experts from Magic Motorsport will do that for you.

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  1. NEU
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    ABPROG Programmer
    €446.25 €375.00
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    Orange 5 Immo package
    ORANGE 5 IMMO + Adapters
    €1,181.67 €993.00
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    X Horse VVDI Prog for Eeproming
    €498.61 €419.00
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    Hardware for MAGICMOTORSPORT Flex
    €1,190.00 €1,000.00
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  7. NEU
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    Software for MAGICMOTORSPORTFlex full version
    €5,712.00 €4,800.00
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