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About Us

Adalbert Wendt, Senior Chef
Adalbert Wendt,
Management retired

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention.

The founder of the company, Mr. Adalbert Wendt, is a skilled toolmaker and ran a pipe construction company until 1983.

He particularly liked fast motorcycles at that time. This hobby led to the formation of a racing team in 1983, FA RAU Motorradtechnik. This team was responsible for the development of motorcycles which started internationally in the Superbike class.

Motorcycles were developed and built for famous German racing drivers, among others for Toni Mang. Those racers were also licensed for road traffic in a modified version and RAU became a brand name among motorcycle friends.

In 1986 the company quarters and workshops had to be relocated. During this move a locksmith was called to open a door at the new business premises. The door had to be opened by force and the result of a destroyed door led the fiddler and crafter Adalbert Wendt to think about a better solution. All enquiries to other locksmiths showed that professionally manufactured and thought out opening tools were not available in Europe or were only designed for the American Market.

In autumn 1986 the first opening tool was already patented. This tool, which is known under the name ZIEH-FIX®, equally caused excitement and was a sensation. This tool laid the foundation of the company A.Wendt Sicherheits und Aufsperrtechnik GmbH.

Meanwhile Adalbert Wendt is owner of numerous patents and registered designs.

ZIEH-FIX® steht für Qualität made in Germany

Security business instead of security risk:

The law does not regulate the pre-requisite for the participation in technical training and the purchase of opening tools – however it is regulated by us.

Sascha und Enrico Wendt, Geschäftsführer
Sascha und Enrico Wendt,

A new management means change.

On January 1, 2015, the management of Adalbert Wendt was officially handed over to the two sons Sascha and Enrico Wendt.

Shortly after the handover the new online shop went to the net, which decreases the customer a lot of searching thanks to it clarity and simplicity. NIn addition to the new website, many innovations are made in the field of vehicles, especially in the area of vehicle electronics, the know-how of our employees is constantly being promoted and improved in order to give customers the best possible support and the best possible advice.

The field of vehicle electronics in combinations of the vehicle opening is interesting for locksmiths, car workshops and authorities. It is therefore possible to program new keys in vehicles, to adapt control units and to reuse used control units.

In the future, more projects are planned. These projects help us provide the best possible support.

All Under One Roof.

Europe's No. 1 offers one of the most extensive programs of opening tools. It is an assortment of over 1,500 articles and contains apart of our own products selected tools of the world's most important manufacturers.
Even for small things a huge selection –
That is our strength.

Quality tools are crucial for excellent work, safe handling and more working comfort. Our technicians combine technical know-how, first-class knowledge and innovative strength. We create high-quality tools based on innovative ideas and developed up to readiness for production. Since quality is a high priority for our company each of our own products passes through a severe quality control from design to delivery.
CAD, high-quality raw materials, state of the art production technologies, careful end control and tough practical tests –
We will vouch for it.

Our employees in the sales office will be at your service with competent advice.
Excellent service surrounding our products lets us stand out –
Just give us a call.

As customer you will greatly benefit from our unique experience and competent personal advice. Whatever you want to know about our products - our team will definitely help you.
Satisfied customers –
That is our most important goal.

Location: Bergheim.

Finally our shipping department will arrange shipment of the goods. The modern, computer-assisted logistic is wellsuited to perfectly handle everything from small quantities to large orders. Consignments are checked for completeness and packed carefully to avoid damage during transport.
To deliver quickly and completely –
That is our main focus.

Wendt In-House-Fair – Network Of The Future

We permanently display the most important tools for different areas of opening technology in our education- and training-centre.
A highlight is our In-House-Fair which takes place at the same time as the International Hardware Fair in Cologne and has meanwhile reached an international character.
We establish networks. Leading manufacturers of the metal industry from within the country and abroad display their products at our venue.

We offer clients and manufacturers a forum to exchange information and experiences; comprehensively and in a relaxed atmosphere –
When can we welcome you?

Training center, office space, production and warehouse, Complex in one place
Training center, office space, production and warehouse,
Complex in one place

Our Team

Here you can find some of our consultants, salespeople and supporters.
Angelika Wendt, Geschäftsführerin, Buchhaltung und Controlling
Angelika Wendt,
Chief Financial Officer

Enrico Wendt, Geschäftsführer, Kaufmännische Leitung
Enrico Wendt,
Chief Operating Officer

Sascha Wendt, Geschäftsführer, Teschnische Leitung
Sascha Wendt,
Chief Product Officer

Josef Schumacher, Werkstattleiter
Josef Schumacher,
Workshop Manager

Monika Trier, Auftragsabwicklung, Export
Monika Trier,
Sales Department, Export

Theodor Schürmann, Seminarleiter
Theodor Schürmann,
Chief Instructor