Cylinder Manipulation

Car opening - lock manipulation

The car lock manipulation is a car opening methods whithout destroying the lock. With special lock manipulation tools such as Lishi Picks and decoder our Lockmaster Smart decoder or Ivaylov professional decoder you can open and decode most of the car locks.

We recommend to manipulate and open the car lock in the following situation:

  • The car is equipped with a dead lock and can not be opened through interior. Especially most of the modern AUDI, BMW, Opel, SEAT, SKODA and Volkwagen (VW) cars can just be opened if you manipulate the car lock
  • You do not like to damage the car paint or car window
  • Your client lost all cars keys and you would like to decode the car lock.


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    Lockmaster® Smart Decoder for Toy2
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    Car Key Jigglers
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    Torque & Tension Tool "Car"
    3492 V2
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    Tension Tool, 2 cuts, 2,7 mm, with LED
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    Tibbe Tryout Key 6-8 Disk's
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    Decoder for "Tibbe", Version "Quick"
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    Automotive Jiggler Pick Set
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    Wafer Lock Pick
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