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Most of the modern car keys, are so called lane keys. This particular type of car key also requires special key cutting machines. Because the market for car keys is so large, all well-known manufacturers now offer special key cutting machines just for car keys.

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    M3 Clamp (Tibbe) for Condor Mini
    €230.27 €193.50
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    M4 Clamp for Condor Mini
    €133.28 €112.00
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    X Horse XC Mini plus for Car Keys
    €3,558.10 €2,990.00
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    XHorse key cutting machine "Dolphin" (XP005)
    €2,106.30 €1,770.00
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    Silca Automotive Starterset
    Silca-Automotive-Starter Set-3YUTP
    was €16,900.38 Special Price €15,468.81 €12,999.00
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    Silca Futura Auto
    €5,948.81 €4,999.00
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