Most modern car keys can be programmed via the OBDII interface, colloquially also called the service plug. When programming new car keys, the car key is stored in the vehicle's onboard electronics / immobilizer and the car key is written with the vehicle's data.

Here, in addition to transponder keys, immobilizers, comfort keys, radio keys, folding keys, key less keys, smart cards, key cards and co can be programmed. Even in case of a total key loss, car key programmer owners can help. It usually does not require a working car key to program a new car key with car key programmers via OBDII interface. Non-existent car keys or car keys that have been lost can also be programmed out for the most part.

We offer a wide range of different car key programmers e.g. Abrites, Advanced Diagnostics, XHorse and VVDI. With our car key programmer assortment we can cover most of the market.

Do you need advice on our car key programmers? Then do not hesitate and contact us. We will be glad to advise you.

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    VVDI 2 Fullversion
    €2,091.26 €1,757.36
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    VVDI / XHorse Mini OBD Tool
    €259.36 €217.95
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    VVDI Key Tool Plus
    €2,475.20 €2,080.00
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    Silca Automotive Starterset
    Silca-Automotive-Starter Set-3YUTP
    €17,449.05 €14,663.07
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    FN022 - PIN and key manager for FCA vehicles
    €3,272.50 €2,750.00
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    HK011 - PIN and key manager
    €1,190.00 €1,000.00
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    NN009 - PIN and key manager for Nissan
    €1,904.00 €1,600.00
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    ABRITES configurator

    From €15.23 €12.80

    To €120,795.72 €101,509.00

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    VVDI /XHorse "Key Tool MAX Pro"
    €535.50 €450.00
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