Multifunctional and Universal Keys

Universal Keys specially modified for door opening

Our universal keys (also called architect keys) are specially milled in the short version, thus we guarantee an opening even if the inside of the cylinder still remains in the mortise lock.

Universal Keys made of different materials

Whether you need universal keys made of metal or plastic, we offer you the best quality.

In addition, we also offer bollard keys and multi-function keys.

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    Multifunctional Key
    €12.97 €10.90
  2. NEU
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    Hook for Cylinder locking nose
    €12.00 €10.08
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    Switch key
    €12.02 €10.10
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    Combination spanner size 19
    €7.44 €6.25
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    Open-end spanner 13 mm
    €4.78 €4.02
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    Combination spanner, SW 5.5
    €4.74 €3.98
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9 Items

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