ZIEH-FIX® Einsatzkoffer "Glocke" Einsatzkoffer "Glocke"
ZIEH-FIX® Einsatzkoffer "Glocke" Einsatzkoffer "Glocke" use of the ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit "Bell" use of the ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit "Bell" use of the ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit "Bell" Zieh-Fix Glocke

ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit "Bell"

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ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit “Bell” and accessories.

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ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit “Bell” and accessories.

  • For tubular cylinders and profile cylinders, axial plug extraction and tearing apart the connecting bar possible


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1 pc. 1105-K               ZIEH-FIX® Carrying Case for "Bell", without contents
1 pc. 1005                  ZIEH-FIX® “Bell”
1 pc. 1003                  ZIEH-FIX® Plug Extractor Plate for profil cylinder locks, 14.7 mm Diameter
1 pc. 1004                  ZIEH-FIX® Plug Extractor Plate for round cylinder locks, 16.8 mm Diameter
1 pc. 1061-E              Cutting- and Lubricating Spray, 100 ml (Not possible to ship outside Germany)
1 pc. 1062                  Graphite for Lift Srews
1 pc. 1005-RA.PROX   Proxxon-Speeder Ratchet, width across flats 17 and 19
1 pc. 0810                  Bit-Holder with T-Handle for bits 1/4"
1 pc. 1402                  Bit Set, 1/4", c/w 9 bits with magnetic bit extension
1 pc. 1072                  Pointed Pliers, straight
1 pc. 1077                  Plastic Profile Cylinder Key
1 pc. 1202-50             ZIEH-FIX®-Pull Screw "Extra", 50 pcs., 4.2 mm Diameter
1 pc. 1203-50             ZIEH-FIX®-Pull Screw "Super", 50 pcs., 4.8 mm Diameter
1 pc. 1204-50             ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Spezial", 50 pcs., 5,5 mm Diameter
1 pc. CD-1001            Video on CD-ROM "ZIEH-FIX® Extraction Tools" (available only in German language)
1 pc. 1200                  Washer