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ZIEH-FIX® screwing aid for the special pull-screws, 1/4", with Bit Tx20

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The ZIEH-FIX® Screw-drivingd is a must-have for locksmiths, property managers, and first responders. It provides more control, stability, and saves time when screwing in Pulling Screws.

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The ZIEH-FIX® screwing aid is the perfect solution for quickly and easily screwing in pull screws into lock cylinders. With the practical hexagonal attachment holder and the Tx20 bit screwdriver, the screwing aid is optimally matched to the ZIEH-FIX® pull screws and allows for easy handling and maximum control when screwing in.

Thanks to the ZIEH-FIX® screwing aid, screwing in the pull screws into the cylinder channel of the lock becomes child's play. The screwing aid ensures correct guidance of the pull screw and allows for one-handed screwing in without the need to hold the screw. Precise guidance prevents the screw from being screwed in crookedly, which can cause up to 3% loss of pulling force per degree of misalignment. With the ZIEH-FIX® screwing aid, you always have control and can complete your work faster and more efficiently.

Our seminar leader was initially skeptical about whether the screwing aid was really necessary. However, after trying out the tool, he was enthusiastic and called it a must-have. Fire departments in particular benefit from the ZIEH-FIX® screwing aid, as they can quickly and easily pre-drill to screw in the smallest screw. As long as the edge is sharp, the smallest screw remains in the screwing aid. Afterwards, the screwing aid is replaced with a normal bit holder with a Torx20 bit in the cordless drill and the larger pull screws are screwed in depending on the application.

Other advantages of the ZIEH-FIX® screwing aid include:

  • More control and stability when screwing in pull screws
  • Minimizes the risk of screwing in pull screws crookedly and associated loss of pulling force
  • Easy handling, even for beginners
  • Compatible with various tools such as cordless screwdrivers, drills, etc.
  • Saves time and effort when screwing in pull screws
  • Durable and robust

The ZIEH-FIX® screwing aid is a reliable and practical tool for fire departments, locksmiths, and facility managers. Order now and make your work easier!

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