ZIEH-FIX® Electric - Pick III

ZIEH-FIX® Electric - Pick III

Elektro Pick V3 - USB charger incl. cable

Elektro Pick V3 - USB charger incl. cable

ZIEH-FIX® Electric - Pick III complete set

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Our new ZIEH-FIX® Electric Pick from Wendt - Quality Made in Germany
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Our battery operated electric Pick Gun uses the percussion principle. The necessary vibration frequency and strength of the pick is delivered by an eccentric.
Therefore easy picking of multi-pin pin and disc tumbler locks is possible.
This tool will meet all future demands because of new developments and accessories produced in our company.

• Developed by A.Wendt GmbH
• For high requirements
• Manufactured with the highest precision
• Easy handling

Additional useful accessories:

Order No. 3620 ZIEH-FIX® Pick-Needle Set "Novum"
Order No. 3670 ZIEH-FIX® Pick-Needle Set "Car"
Order No. 3639 ZIEH-FIX® Pick Adaptor "Dimple Key System"
Order No. 2701E Pick "Novum": Straight Blade, .030" / 0.8 mm
Order No. 2702E Pick "Novum": Angel Blade, .030" / 0.8 mm
Order No. 3492E Torque & Tension Tool for automotive use

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Beside the Electro Pick the set also contains:

Order No. 3516E 2 pcs. Pick “Novum”: Straight Blade, .020" / 0.5 mm
Order No. 3517E 2 pcs. Pick “Novum”: Angel Blade, .020" / 0.5 mm
Order No. 3479 1 pc. Tension Tool, 5 1/4" / 13.35 cm
Order No. 3480 1 pc. Tension Tool, 2 1/4" / 5.7 cm
Order No. 3488 1 pc. Tension Tool, 3/4" / 1.9 cm
Order No. 3491 1 pc. Tension Tool, 11/2" / 3.8 cm

Order No. 3620 1 pc. ZIEH-FIX® Pick-Needle Set "Novum"

Order No. 3498 V2 1 pc. Torque & Tension Tool

Order No. 3501-V2 1 pc. Plug Spinner “Flipper”

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