Upper Part for Plug Spinners
Upper Part for Plug Spinners

"The Rapper" - Bump Key Hammer, blue

Standlupe mit Mess-Skala

Magnifying glass with measuring scale, 8x

Upper Part for Plug Spinners

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Plug Spinners with upper parts are used after successful bumping the lock.
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Plug Spinners with upper parts are used after successful bumping the lock.

The Plug Spinners are tightened according to the necessary rotation direction of the cylinder lock and after the release the cylinder plug spins so fast that the pins do not drop back into the pin's drill holes to block.


  • Bump Key fits into the holding device of the upper part.

Delivery without bump key!

The so called Bump Key Technology enables everyone the opening of standard lock cylinders in door locks.  The lock is not damaged in the process.
Bump Keys can be manufactured for all current standard cylinders . They then fit the respective cylinder type of one manufacturer. All doors which are fitted with this type can easily be opened with some light beats. The tool to be used for this is the TOMAHAWK.


  • Everyone can master this technique within a short time

Especially for lock cylinders in the lower price segment of nearly all manufacturers the Bump Key Technology is successful.
The standard construction of lock cylinders simplifies the use of the Bump Keys. They are milled in a way that the V-form incisions  lie in one layer  and have a certain depth  in dependence to the cylinder . Through the beat on the key  the core pin press es the lower housing pins which are mounted on a spring to their knees,  so to speak. As the key is held slightly twisted those pins bounce back exactly into the position they should be in for opening. 

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