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Wendt is official partner and wholesaler for UrbanAlps products in Germany. That's why our clients have the possibility to purchase UrbanAlps stealth security in our online shop. products in our web shop. 

Why Wendt decided to sell UrbanAlps Stealth locks?

The innovative and modern UrbanAlps Stealth locks offers a modern copy protection and are considered as copy safe because the UrbanAlps Stealth locks are worldwide the first locks, where the keys are 3D printed.

This technique is practivcal and modern and guarentees a solid and precised key. That is the reason why the material of teh UrbanAlps Stealth keys are also used  in the aerospace technologie. Furthermore the key code is inside the key. So the code is covered and can not be fotographed.

All UrbanAlps Stealth security products can be individaulize in our Wendt Online Shop. Please note that we can also offer a UrbanAlps MasterKey System. Please fell free to contact if you are interested. as a locksmith you will receive a discount.  

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)