KESO 4000SΩ Basic Double profile cylinder

KESO 4000SΩ Basic Double profile cylinder

KESO 4000SΩ Double profile cylinder with drill protection

KESO 4000SΩ Double profile cylinder with drill protection

KESO 2000SΩ Basic Double profile cylinder

For inside
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The KESO 2000S Omega System

The KESO Omega-key is equipped with a innovative bolt / spring technology which have to been actuated when you open your KESO lock. Cause of this mechanic KESO could increase the copy protection of the KESO key.

he KESO 2000 priority function

KESO 2000 locks with priority functions are equipped with a special clutch. This special KESO 2000 clutch allows priority access for the external key. The internal key can not open the lock when the key is plugged in from outside. If the key is plugged in from inside you can open the dioor with a key from outside. we recommend the priroty function especially for retirement homes, hospitals or similiar organization. If you do not choose the priority function we will ship your ordered KESO lock without this function.

Product features euro double profile cylinde 2000SΩ 21.Z15

  • Material: Zamak
  • Euro profile double cylinder
  • Standard length: 30/30 mm
  • Brass bridge
  • With hardened pin tumblers HRC60
  • Modular construction
  • EN1303: 2015-08
  • Basic double profile cylinder for interior
  • Availabel as different locking / keyed alike
  • Additional priority function is availabel
  • Please choose length side A (outside) and B (inside) separately

The delivery of the double profile cylinder KESO 2000SΩ 21.Z15

  • 1 x KESO 2000S lock
  • 1 x Fixing screw M5

Attention KESO key are not included in the deliveyr and have to be ordered separately

As KESO 2000 costumer you have the choice of the following keys

  • KESO 2000SΩ round key
  • KESO 2000SΩ trapezoid key
  • KESO 2000SΩ long / large key
  • KESO 2000SΩextra long / extra large key
  • KESO 2000SΩ coloured key trapezoid
  • KESO 2000SΩ coloured key long / large key
  • KESO 2000SΩ coloured key extra long / extra large key

We recommend this KESO lock just for interior. Please use the KESO spray to maintain the KESO lock.

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