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Little Black Box Update 1:  SecuRam ProLogic Upgrade Module

Little Black Box Update 1: SecuRam ProLogic Upgrade Module

Little Black Box

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the ultimate tool for electronic safe lock opening
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The Little Black Box, the ultimate tool for electronic safe lock opening. The Little Black Box is designed to eliminate the need to drill the most popular brands of electronic safe locks due to malfunction or lost combinations. The Little Black Box connects to the locks through the existing keypad or keypad cable.

Once connected it immediately begins the process of opening and resetting the lock with no damage to the safe or the lock itself. The reset procedure removes any existing codes and replaces them with a new working code on LaGard. On S&G the reset procedure removes and resets the manager code and displays MRC code if present. LBB FEATURES: Recovers, resets combinations, and opens lock in 15 minutes with no damage to safe or lock. (Most keypads can be reused.)
LaGard locks listed below manufactured prior to January 1st, 2014 -
LG Basic, 33E,
SafeGard 3600 & 3650,
LG Combo

Sargent & Greenleaf listed below manufactured from January 2000 to February 1, 2016 -

S&G 6120

The Little Black Box kit includes the LBB Decoder, LaGard Module, S&G Module, Battery Pack, eight AA batteries, magnets for tool and battery pack, LaGard jumper cable, instructions and heavy duty carrying case. The LBB has a one year limited manufacturer warranty. Simply the most beneficial tool for today’s safe technician!

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