LOCKMASTER® Jack Knife Pickset
LOCKMASTER® Jack Knife Pickset LOCKMASTER® Jack Knife Pickset LOCKMASTER® Jack Knife Pickset Lockmaster Jackknife Pick Set
Soubertools Lock Pick Set SS17

Soubertools Lock Pick Set SS17

Valyrian Euro Short Hook 1

Valyrian Euro Short Hook 1

LOCKMASTER® Jack Knife Pickset

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The new LOCKMASTER® pocket knife pick set comes in a handy design with a unique locking mechanism that does not require screws. It includes seven picks, an extractor, two tension tools, and is available in black or blue.
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The new LOCKMASTER® Pocket Knife Pick Set - Discover the Difference!

Our LOCKMASTER® Pocket Knife Pick Set stands out from others on the market with its outstanding features:

  • Compact design in black or blue
  • Seven picks, an extractor, and two tension tools
  • 0.6mm picks - ideal for beginners
  • Made of ABS plastic, with clip, spring, and picks made of hardened stainless steel
  • Double-sided screws with hex key for easy handling
  • Unique locking mechanism that doesn't require screws:
    Simply press the lever to pull out the picks, choose the desired pick, and let it snap into place. To store, press the lever again
  • Clip for pocket or belt to prevent loss, can also be removed
  • Own production and years of development

Thanks to the feedback from our renowned colleagues LockNoob, TallanPick, and Oliver Diederichsen, we have continuously optimized and perfected our product. Here are some reviews we have received:

"I take the set with me everywhere, thanks to the two tension tools and a wide selection of lock picks. The handle fits well in the hand and is thick enough to provide a good grip in wet conditions, but thin enough to not be a bother in the pocket. I look forward to more pick variations in the future."

"The locking mechanism for the picks is excellent, compared to the usual screws. The picks are of the best quality, as expected from LOCKMASTER®. I was able to even pick locks that I can only open with my other picks. The two tension tools are also very useful. The selection of pick tools is subjective, but I am very satisfied with the many hooks. I just wish for one pick that can attack cheap wafer locks, like a half-ball."

Discover the new LOCKMASTER® Pocket Knife Pick Set now and experience for yourself what sets it apart from other products on the market!

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  • Body in Blue or Black
  • 0,6mm DBO Pick - "Offset Diamond"
  • 0,6mm HBRD Pick - "Hook Round Deep"
  • 0,6mm HBRM Pick - "Hook Round Medium"
  • 0,6mm HBRS Pick - "Hook Round Small"
  • 0,6mm PBT Pick - "Tripple Peaked Rake"
  • 0,6mm RBC Pick - "City Rake"
  • 0,6mm RBS Pick - "Snake Rake"
  • 0,6mm EBH Extractor - "Extractor Hook"
  • 3191-BT100X250 - "Tesnion Tool 1,00mm x 2,50mm"
  • 3191-TPF80X280 - "Tension Tool Poket Knife 0,80mm x 2,80mm"
  • 7020-B - "Wire Key Ring in Black"
  • SW 2mm Allen Key