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ZIEH-FIX® Öffnungssystem "112"

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ZIEH-FIX® Opening System „112“ (220 Volt Version)
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Delivery time 5-10 Days
ZIEH-FIX® Opening System „112“ (18 Volt Version)
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Delivery time 5-10 Days

Quick Overview

We put this tool set together to meet the special needs of rescue teams.

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Availability: In stock

Finanzierung verfügbar ab 99€ bis 5.000€ Warenkorbwert


We put this tool set together to meet the special needs of rescue teams.

An aluminium case offers optimal protection of the equipment through its special layer construction of aluminium, wood, polystyrene, a plastic tub and strengthen edges.
The case’s waterproofsystem protects the equipment from water, humidity and dust. 
The tray, similar to a tub, is closed so tightly by a sealed plate so that the interior is hermetic sealed.        
The most important tools and aids for emergency openings in the household are included in the case sorted in two trays made out of tough foamed material. The upper tray can easily be taken out.

  • Tools for opening of closed doors over metal fitting or door latch
  • Lever Pick Sets for Chubb-Locks and Warded Locks
  • Extraction and breaking tools for breaking off or plug extracting of locks
  • Milling machine to open high-quality locks
  • Hand-picking-set
  • ZIEH-FIX® Electro Pick for destruction free opening
  • Tilting Window Opener for opening through the window handle.

Don't get involved in compromises –
work only with the original ZIEH-FIX® Tools.

A set of the most important opening tools for rapid use in the household.

  • Tested by many fire brigades
  • Not replaceable in daily use

Set Contains:
Standard content
220 Volt Version
18 Volt Version 

1 pc.   Order No. 0803                   Bit Holder Adapter for bits 1/4“
1 pc.   Order No. 0810                   Bit-Holder with T-Handle for bits 1/4"
1 pc.   Order No. 1002                   ZIEH-FIX®
1 pc.   Order No. 1005                   ZIEH-FIX® “Bell”
1 pc.   Order No. 1005-RA.PROX   Proxxon-Speeder Ratchet, width across flats 17 and 19
1 pc.   Order No. 1061-E               Cutting- and Lubricating Spray, 100 ml
1 pc.   Order No. 1066                   Multifunctional Key
1 pc.   Order No. 1068                   Metal Universal Key for Profile Cylinder without square drive
1 pc.   Order No. 1071                   T-bar Wrench (Socket), short, SW 17.0 mm
1 pc.   Order No. 1072                   Pointed Pliers, straight
1 pc.   Order No. 1074                   Screw Driver 1.2 mm x 8 mm x 150 mm
1 pc.   Order No. 1079                   Door Latch Opening Spatula
1 pc.   Order No. 1084 KIR-PZ       Power Cracker "Master Professional" for Profile Cylinder
1 pc.   Order No. 1085                   Door Latch Opening Pick Needles Set
1 pc.   Order No. 1094                   ZIEH-FIX® Door Fitting Lifter
2 pcs. Order No. 1096                   ZIEH-FIX® Door Square, 8 mm, for 72 mm distance
1 pc.   Order No. 1096-FH             ZIEH-FIX® Door Square, 9 mm
2 pcs. Order No. 1097                   ZIEH-FIX® Door Square, 10 mm, for 92 mm distance
1 pc.   Order No. 1098                   Door Latch Opening Cards "Super Mica"
2 pcs. Order No. 1202-50              ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Extra", 50 pcs., 4.2 mm diameter
2 pcs. Order No. 1203-50              ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Super", 50 pcs., 4.8 mm diameter
2 pcs. Order No. 1204-50              ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Spezial", 50 pcs., 5.5 mm diameter
1 pc.   Order No. 1402                   Bit Set, 1/4", c/w 9 bits with magnetic bit extension
2 pcs. Order No. 1403                   Bit, 1/4", Screw-Driver, torx, TI-coated, Tx20
1 pc.   Order No. 1403-ESH           Screw-driving adapter for the special pull-screws, 1/4", with Bit Tx20
1 pc.   Order No. 1701                   Makita, Straight Grinder, GD0600, 220 Volt / 400W
1 pc.   Order No. 1780                   Cordless Straight Grinder, Makita, Mod. BGD800RFE, 18 Volt
2 pcs. Order No. 1711                   Burr, 6.0 mm diameter, 60 mm Length
1 pc.   Order No. 1720                   Burr (HSS) for Aluminium, 6.0 mm diameter, 50 mm Length
1 pc.   Order No. 1821                   Lever Picks, Set K 1-12 for Chubb-Locks
1 pc.   Order No. 1825                   Lever Picks, Set O 1-15 for Warded and Antique Locks 
1 pc.   Order No. 3290                   Extractor Set "2000“
1 pc.   Order No. 3498E                 Torque and Tension Tool
1 pc.   Order No. 3501E                 Flipper Tool
1 pc.   Order No. 3505                   Tilting Window Opener, Complete Kit
1 pc.   Order No. 3597                   ZIEH-FIX® Electro-Pick incl. Charger
1 pc.   Order No. 3598                   ZIEH-FIX® Electro-Pick Tension Tool Set
1 pc.   Order No. 3620                   Pick Set ZIEH-FIX® Pick-Needle Set "Novum"
1 pc.   Order No. CD-1001             Video on CD-ROM "ZIEH-FIX® Extraction Tools“
1 pc.   Order No. CD-4000             Video on CD-ROM "ZIEH-FIX® Electro-Pick“

Additional Information

Product ID 112F-X
Delivery time 5-10 Days
Markenzeichen Zieh-Fix

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