JPXS-6 Jackknife Pocket Lock Pick - SouthOrd

JPXS-6 Jackknife Pocket Lock Pick - SouthOrd

LOCKMASTER® Jack Knife Pickset

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The new LOCKMASTER® Pocket Knife Pickset

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The new LOCKMASTER® Pocket Knife Pickset - but what makes the LOCKMASTER® Pocket Knife Pickset different from others already on the market?

  • Handy design
  • Choice of colours: black or blue
  • Seven picks, one extractor and two tension tools
  • Picks in 0.6 mm material - perfect for beginners!
  • Material consists of plastic (ABS) as well as clip, spring and picks made of hardened stainless spring steel.
  • Screws that have a hexagon socket on both sides for easier opening.
  • Unique locking mechanism - no screws are needed. Just like a real quality pocket knife, you can simply push in the lever to get the picks out. Select the pick you want and let it click into place. To close, simply push the lever in again and stow the pick.
  • Clip for your trouser pocket or belt to prevent losing it and to have it ready to hand even faster - can also be detached if desired.
  • Own production

    The development phase, which lasted a little more than a year, showed us again and again where the product still needs to be optimised so that we can finally bring the perfect product onto the market. Above all, the feedback from our renowned colleagues LockNoob, TallanPick and Oliver Diederichsen contributed to the optimisation.


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  • Body in Blue or Black
  • 0,6mm DBO Pick - "Offset Diamond"
  • 0,6mm HBRD Pick - "Hook Round Deep"
  • 0,6mm HBRM Pick - "Hook Round Medium"
  • 0,6mm HBRS Pick - "Hook Round Small"
  • 0,6mm PBT Pick - "Tripple Peaked Rake"
  • 0,6mm RBC Pick - "City Rake"
  • 0,6mm RBS Pick - "Snake Rake"
  • 0,6mm EBH Extractor - "Extractor Hook"
  • 3191-BT100X250 - "Tesnion Tool 1,00mm x 2,50mm"
  • 3191-TPF80X280 - "Tension Tool Poket Knife 0,80mm x 2,80mm"
  • 7020-B - "Wire Key Ring in Black"
  • SW 2mm Allen Key