SouthOrd was established in 1989, before the onset of the internet, advertising in magazines and mailing out paper catalogues.  At the time, theywere selling other brands of lock picking tools, but we felt that improvements needed to be made to the picks available in the market. SouthOrd began manufacturing their own brand of SouthOrd professional locksmith tools in 1991, eliminating the rough rivets in the handles commonly used by other manufacturers at the time, and instead, utilising a spot-welding process, making our picks smooth from end to end.   In the late 1980’s /early 1990’s, manufactured lock picks were being produced from carbon steel, which rusts over time.  So, soon after introducing our rivetless metal-handled picks, we added electroless nickel plating to our picks to add rust resistance, and then we made a change to our entire line, manufacturing all of our lock picks with full-hard spring stainless steel. 

Inspired by the design of the handle in our PXS-17 Lock Pick Set, SouthOrd introduced their JPXS-6 Jackknife Lock Pick Set in the late 1990’s.  With its compact size and sleek design, it quickly became one of our most popular and widely recognized tools (and the most copied by other manufacturers!). 

After the lock picks are produced from the raw steel, SouthOrd run them through an extensive finishing process.  The lock picks are first deburred and rounded, which smooths and puts a radius on the picks’ edges.  They then go through a polishing process to ensure a smooth finish, and the final process cleans the lock picks to a high shine.

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    SOUTHORD lock picking Set MPXS-20 20 pcs.
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    SOUTHORD lock picking Set MPXS-62 62 pcs.
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    Pocket Pen Pick Set - NPS-2000 - SouthOrd
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    MBG 01 - Pagoda Tripple Peak Rake
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    MBG 02 - Pagoda Hook
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    MBG 03 - Pagoda Rake
    €8.27 €6.95
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