MAGI-BURRS® - THE Burr for the locksmith

It has to be easier and faster !?

MAGI-BURRS are specially developed milling cutters for opening doors. Whether the MAGI-BURRS itself or the special cutters, they have all been tested by locksmiths and found to be good.

All milling cutters were developed for 3mm collets of rotary tools such as a Dremel®.

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    Magi-Burrs® - THE Burr for lock opening
    As low as €23.80 €20.00
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    Magi-Burrs® - Master Kit
    €193.67 €162.75
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    Plain-Burr 3x50mm
    €21.93 €18.43
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    Safe End Burr 3x60mm
    €27.43 €23.05
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    Magi-Burr - Aid Kit
    €21.12 €17.75
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    Wire Brush for MAGI-BURRS®
    €9.06 €7.61
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