Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set V2
Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set V2 Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set V2 Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set V2 Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set V2 NEW Lockmaster Credit Card Pick Set - A Lock Noob, Tallan Pick and Wendt Collaboration NEW Lockmaster Credit Card Pick Set - A Lock Noob, Tallan Pick and Wendt Collaboration

Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set V2

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The Emergency Pick Set
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When we manufactured our first Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set in 2016, we knew it would be hard to make a set for emergencies without compromising. For the first version we only concentrated on making a Credit Card Pick Set that can help the experienced lockpicker especially with different hooks.

After the YouTube lock picker Tallan Pick published a review of the Lockmaster® Pick Set in August 2020, he brought us one or two suggestions for improvement. Then it became clear to us that we should strive for a new version. In addition to Tallan Pick, we also asked the YouTube lock picker Lock Noob if he is interested to participate in this project.

The result of this cooperation is the new Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set with seven picks and four tension tools.

Tallan Pick Tallan Pick

In August 2020, after posting my review on the WENDT Credit Card Lock Pick Set, I made a series of improvement suggestions to the manufacturer. My surprise was the great reception of them, and the proposal to participate together with my great friend, the internationally recognized designer Lock Noob, in the improvement of this set. How to say no to an experience like that.

I never thought that a design process could be so interesting, dynamic and easy. Wendt's receptivity and ideas, and Lock Noob's endless creativity and positivity, have made this process tremendously enriching, and have resulted in a product to be very proud of. Thank you both very much for this fantastic trip.

Lock Noob Lock Noob

When Wendt asked whether I would like to collaborate on updating their new credit card pick set alongside Tallan Pick, I just had to say yes! Who would say no to an opportunity to influence a commercial design while working with an extremely talented and respected friend?

The design process was great fun, with Wendt being extremely responsive to suggestions which really helped move things along. For speed and clarity I used vector drawing tools to be able to draft up changes for consideration and after a number of iterative changes, I think the final design is something to be proud of.

Very quickly there was a lot of discussion about what is good and what is bad about the current Credit Card Pick Set. We came to the conclusion that a Half Diamond Pick and some rakes were missing. But three different hooks should definitely remain part of the pick set.

So we added a Snake and a Tripple Peak Rake. Since we disagreed on adding a dimple pick or another rake, we decided to add a slightly shorter pick to the frame. A dimple pick made of the material used did not meet our standard, so we decided to abandon it and add a city rake instead. This makes the Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set already the first of its kind with more than six hand picks.

Now we dedicated ourselves to the frame and the different tension tools. We from Wendt definitely wanted to add a variable tensioning tool which should simplify the picking of wafer locks. After a few prototypes we finally had finished the corresponding tool. Additionally a tension tool in "Prybar" style was also added.
First tests with a tension tool for self-bending proved to be impossible, because it was quite difficult to actually bend the used material and some prototypes even broke. For this reason the picks were rearranged to make room for a proper tension tool. At the end we could even add a micro tensioner. This may not be the tool of choice for everyone, but if it helps just one person in an emergency situation, it has a right to exist.

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