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Europen Lockmaster Group

Webinars for locksmiths, fire departments and workshops
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Free webinars to get you started on a new topic. Learn the basics and get an insight into the products on a topic. Use the question round in webinars to get answers to your questions.

Webinars tailored to your needs.

Talk to us and we will organize a webinar on your desired topic.

Since these are webinars, it is unfortunately not possible for us to show a lot of practice.

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05. November 2020 - Presentation and practical demonstration ZIEH-FIX Elektro Pick III

ZIEH-FIX Elektro Pick III

Due to the further development of our electric pick, we offer a free webinar on the ZIEH-FIX® electric pick III.

  • Presentation of the ZIEH-FIX® Elektro Pick III
  • Advantages of the ZIEH-FIX® Elektro Pick III
  • Overview of the development of the ZIEH-FIX® Elektro Pick III
  • Practical demonstration / demonstration at various locks
  • Live chat question and answer session in which you can ask individual questions

Webinar appointment:

05. November 2020 - 14:00 Uhr

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