Solutions for Radio Car Keys


We offer various car key programmers, which can be used to program radio remote controls, flip keys, radio car keys.

Here we offer basically two different solutions for car keys with radio remote controls:

On the one hand, we offer universal radio remote controls in various designs, which can be adapted to the corresponding vehicle with special low-cost programming devices. This reduces your stock of radio keys, car keys with radio remote controls, folding keys etc. enormously.

On the other hand we offer car key programmers, with which numerous car radio keys can be programmed directly via the OBDII interface.

Here we have various programmers of the brands including ABRITES, Advanced Diagnostics, Silca and Xhorse VVDI in the program.

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    ABRITES PROTAG Programmer
    €476.00 €400.00
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    IR AVDI cable
    €297.50 €250.00
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    PCF for ABPROG
    €14.88 €12.50
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    ZN051 Exchange
    €71.40 €60.00
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    ZN039-2 Transponder Emulator for Toyota
    €74.38 €62.50
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    key programming device for Volvo VKP001
    €315.35 €265.00
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