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CD "LSS+ Electronic Infobase, Collection: Government"

CD's "LSS+ Electronic Infobase, Collection: Locksmith"

An electronic infobase for locksmiths.
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An electronic infobase for locksmiths.

  • English version only!


LSS+ is the electronic Infobase supplement to Locks, Safes, and Security, Second Edition, published by Charles C. Thomas (December, 2000). It allows for instant access to the information contained within the hardbound edition of the book. The materials within LSS+ provide enhanced graphics as well as extensive multimedia to complement the text. More than 4000 Images and over 30 hours of audio and video have been added to the Infobase.


Depending upon the security level, the LSS+ collection contains additional disks that are identified by their access rights, and are color-coded: LSS100 (green) for Public access; LSS200 (yellow) for Locksmiths; LSS300 (red) for law enforcement and government aganecies;  LSS400 (blue) Alarms; and LSS500 (orange) D.A.M.E (Defense Against Methods and Entry course).

Your computer should meet the following minimum hardware and software requirements: Pentium II, 200 Mhz. with 64 MB of ram. You should be running Windows 98 or later OS, and must have Windows Media Player Version 7 or higher, and Microsoft Word 97 or later release. Your CD Rom player should be a minimum of 4x speed.

Collection Locksmith includes:

LSS+ contains the following books:

  • Locks, Safes, and Security: An International Police Reference (Second edition). The first edition was published in 1970;
  • A Treatise on Fire & Thief-Proof Depositories and Locks and Keys by George Price (originally published in London, in 1856);
  • Locks and Safes: The Construction of Locks by A.C. Hobbs (London, 1868);
  • The Art of Manipulation by Bill Kenton and Clyde Lentz (first published in 1953).
  • Multimedia Supplement.
    This disk contains the following multimedia files:
    • Interview with Jeremy Bramah
    • Ikon factory, Berlin, Germany: How locks are made
    • Scanning electron microscope Part l: Michael Platek
    • Scanning electron microscope Part II: Michael Platek
    • Scanning electron microscope Part III: Michael Platek
    • Discussion of safe design, by Bill Sherlock
    • Discussion of the X-07 and X-08 with Joe Cortie

This DVD is password protected by security level. In Order to access the contents, you must register your copy with SecurityLabs, at 1.877.2 BUY LSS (1.877.228.9577). In order to receive a password, you must provide the serial number of the DVD and the invoice number from your Vendor, together with sufficient identification information to determine the security level. You must have access to your computer during the registration process. You will be prompted to provide a registration key that is generated by your computer, in order to receive proper authentication. LSS+ is designed to run on one computer, unless network authorization is secured from the author.

DVD-LSS201 Multimedia Supplement
This disk contains the following multimedia files:

  • Procedure for making keys with a clay mold
  • Making keys by silicone impression
  • MSC Assortment of tension wrenches
  • MSC "Sputnik" bypass tool
  • MSC Lock Force tool
  • Forced entry tools produced by Sigma
  • A primer on the burglary of safes
  • Forensics and locks, Courtesy of Bill Sherlock
  • Mark Bates on Manipulation
  • Mark Bates on the Soft Drill
  • Broco Thermic Lance, Courtesy of Tom Joos
  • The use of Explosives for Entry, Courtesy of Steve Mattoon
  • Kaba-Ilco Quattrocode key machine, Courtesy of Steve Fish
  • Kaba-Ilco Ultracode key machine, Courtesy of Steve Fish
  • Kaba-Ilco Triax e.code key machine, Courtesy of Steve Fish
  • Kaba-Ilco RW2 Transponder System, Courtesy of Steve Fish
  • Forensic investigations and the locksmith, by Don Shiles
  • The use of the "bump key" or "999" key, by Hans Mejlshede
  • Ross Anderson on smart card technology
  • Ross Anderson on security engineering
  • Ross Anderson on Biometrics
  • Ross Anderson on Iris codes
  • The forensic investigation of locks and keys, by Hans Mejlshede
  • The HPC BlueSHARK third generation key cutting machine, by Steve Klefstad
  • Rosengrens RKL10 Assembly protocol, courtesy of Owe Bengtsson
  • Matt Blaze on shimming a cylinder to determine all pin segments
  • Brian Chan on TMK extrapolation
  • Harry Sher on the decoding of a top level master key
  • Matt Blaze on the extrapolation of a top level master key
  • Harry Sher on covert methods of entry
  • Use of plastic loid, produced by MSC
  • MSC Acoustic pick
  • MSC Cross pick demonstration
  • MSC Easyentrie key machine demonstration
  • MSC demonstration of the Electro-pick
  • Brian Chan discussing old style master keying
  • Brian Chan discussing common assumptions regarding master keying
  • Brian Chan discussing disassembly of a lock
  • Brian Chan discussing pinning of a Best IC lock
  • Chan discussing top pins
  • Chan discussing lubrication
  • Chan discussing positive and negative locking
  • Chan discussing master keying rules
  • Chan on seguence of progression
  • Chan discussing system keys
  • MSC Sputnik II demonstration
  • Harry Sher on picking axial pin tumbler locks
  • Owe Bengtsson on opening safes
  • Owe Bengtsson introduction to safe opening
  • Owe Bengtsson on picking the Kramer Convar lever lock
  • Owe Bengtsson on picking lever locks and markings on the levers
  • Owe Bengtsson on picking the Rosengrens RKL10 lever lock
  • Owe Bengtsson on picking the Rosengrens ABN lever lock
  • Owe Bengtsson on picking the Stuv lever lock
  • Owe Bengtsson on picking the Kromer Novum lever lock
  • Owe Bengtsson on the forced entry opening of safes
  • Owe Bengtsson on opening high security safes
  • Keyway King Profile milling machine, by Greg Brandt

The files within this disk can only be accessed through the main Infobase program. However, once LSS+ has been loaded, you may open any of the files on this disk directly, rather than utilizing the hyperlinks from the primary Infobase.

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