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Cracking One of the Most Secure Locks in America
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Cracking One of the Most Secure Locks in America examines new techniques to compromise Medeco® Biaxial® and m³ high security locks by methods of forced, covert, and surreptitious entry. It is the culmination of an eighteen-month research project by the authors and other security experts. It has resulted in the filing of multiple patents and the ability to pick, bump, and mechanically bypass Medeco® cylinders, sometimes in seconds.
Medeco®, for the past forty years, has been the predominant high security lock manufacturer in the United States. They protect high value targets and critical infrastructure throughout the world. Their venues include the White House, Pentagon, and the Royal Family in England, as well as hundreds of thousands of residences, businesses, hospitals, banks, government facilities, and institutions. Their locks are found in virtually every application where the highest level of quality and security is required and expected.
The development of methods to bypass Medeco® locks required the solution to many interrelated and complex problems, and may be the modern equivalent of the Enigma code machine during World War II. The chronology of how Medeco® security was cracked is an intriguing story, especially if you enjoy technically-based intellectual challenges that have serious security implications in the real world.

Authors: Marc Weber Tobias and Tobias Bluzmanis
261 pages - many pictures and illustrations

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