ZIEH-FIX® Ultimate Opening Set

ZIEH-FIX® Ultimate Opening Set "Standard"

Professional Glass Drill Set for Quick Window Openings

Professional Glass Drill Set for Quick Window Openings

ZIEH-FIX® Ultimate Opening Set "Profi"

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ZIEH-FIX® Complete set "Ultimate"
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Our Zieh-Fix Ultimate opening case in the professional version is equipped with all quality tools. Compared to the standard version, the professional case contains additional tools and spare parts to make the opening even easier. With this case made of hard plastic, everything that is needed for destructive and non-destructive opening techniques is bundled. The case has been specially assembled to open locks of all kinds. The set is unique in this equipment variant and has a high radius of uses due to the diverse tools. With this product, the handling aspect plays an important role, as the case has been designed to be extra clear and practical for use. The extensively filled case also offers enough storage space for small parts and accessories that every practitioner has accumulated after a certain time through attached plastic boxes.
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Tools for latch opening:
1x 1079-C door latch opening glider set 15/20mm
1x 1098 AGE-500 3 latch opening cards 0.50mm
1x 1098 AGE-350 3 latch opening cards 0.35mm
1x 1098-B AGE 0,50mm  latch opening cards with handle
1x 1078-V emergency door opener
1x 1096 square bolt knife 8mm
1x 1097 square bolt knife 10mm
1x 1085 door latch opening needle set
1x 1096-FH door latch opening square, 9mm
1x 33831 door latch opening needles 4pcs.
1x 3394 door latch opening needles 3pcs.
1x 1076 spiral-door-latch-openers-set helical
1x 1085-D-SET door kath wire diameter 1,5 u 1,175mm for doors with double fold

Destructive tools:
1x 1005 ZIEH-FIX bell puller
1x 1084-p-MPZ POWER PULL - CRACKER V2 for profile cylinders

Additional Tools:
1x 1072 pointed pliers, straight
1x 1074 screw driver 1,2x7x125mm
1x 1403-ESH screw-driving adapter
1x 0810 bit-holder
1x 1403 torx 20bit Tl-coated
1x 1005-RA ZIEH-FIX® ratchet speeder 17/19mm
1x 1084-IMB allen key 6mm
1x 1061-E ZIEH-FIX special cutting- and lubricating spray (Not possible to ship outside Germany)

Universal Key and Lever Picks:
1x 1068 metal universal key short
1x 0755 key turner set 2pcs.
1x classic lever pick “Dietrich”
1x classic lever pick - special version

1x 1003 ZIEH-FIX plug extractor plate for profil cylinder locks
1x 1004 ZIEH-FIX plug extractor plate for round cylinder locks
1x 1005-G 6 adhesive rubber protection pads
3x 1202-10 ZIEH-FIX pull screws 4,2mm 10pcs.
3x 1203-10 ZIEH-FIX pull screws 4,8mm 10pcs.
3x 1204-10 ZIEH-FIX pull screws 5,5mm 10pcs.
2x 1205-10 ZIEH-FIX pull screw “Pitbull”, 10pics., M6
1x 1061-E ZIEH-FIX special oil

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