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ZIEH FIX® Washer for ZIEH-FIX® Pull-Screws (Package with 5 pcs.)

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Increase the Pulling force of your tools with ZIEH-FIX® support washers. Made in Germany from high-grade tool steel for maximum efficiency and durability.
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Discover the ZIEH-FIX® support washers, the perfect complement to our high-quality ZIEH-FIX® "bell" and "Power Pull Cracker V2". Our washers are made in Germany from the highest quality tool steel and feature a zinc-coated surface for reliable corrosion protection.

Each pack contains 5 pieces of our sturdy and durable support washers. By using our support washers, the contact surface is increased and the force distribution during the pulling process is improved, resulting in a smooth and effective pulling process.

Our support washers also increase the service life of our ZIEH-FIX® "bell" and "Power Pull Cracker V2", which means you can work longer and more efficiently without having to worry about the durability of your tools.

Please note that our support washers are only suitable for use with the original ZIEH-FIX® Products manufactured by us and are subject to normal wear and tear, but can be used multiple times.

Invest in the quality of your tools with ZIEH-FIX® support washers and experience improved efficiency and durability in your pulling tools. Order now and see for yourself the quality of our products!


Important: Please note that the use of our ZIEH-FIX® support washers is only possible with the original ZIEH-FIX® "bell", which has been provided with a transverse slot (screw intake) of 6.0 mm since production date 10.2004. Only in combination with this original bell and our support washers, can you ensure the full effectiveness and durability of your pulling tools.



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Support washers for ZIEH-FIX® pulling screws, pack of 5 pieces.