How do I find the correct shell?

To find the correct shell quickly saves a lot of time.


Our filter limits the possible shells according to your specifications.

Shell Filter

Vehicle make:

Please choose the vehicle make of the key for which you need a new shell.


Here you can choose if and how many buttons can be found on the key. A panic button also counts as a normal button.

Battery Typ:

If there is a battery holder on the shell you can use this to search for the battery type. If the battery holder is completely on the plate this can then also be used as a search criteria.

Flip Key:

Please choose between flip key or standard key.

Key Head separable:

The key head, which keeps the key bit and sometimes the transponder attached , can be separated from the actual remote on some keys.


Each article is accompanied by pictures for comparison. Hereby it is important that not only the outside of the shell but also the battery holder in the shell resembles the key. If the shell has a key bit a sample picture of the profile is displayed.


The profile of the car key determines which blank or key can be inserted into the cylinder. Therefore, the profile is an important selection criteria if the shell has a profile and the old key bit cannot be taken.


The profiles (cut of the stem) are viewed from the head. For the search it is recommended to especially check the profile and the stem.
In the catalogue the drawings are displayed in scale 1:1. When using all other search options this is not possible due to different display resolutions.

There are different options to find the correct profile. Here are some tools to make the search easier: