UrbanAlps Stealth Half cylinder

UrbanAlps Stealth Half cylinder

UrbanAlps Stealth Cam lock

UrbanAlps Stealth Cam lock

UrbanAlps Stealth Double Euro Profile cylinder with knob

The innovative UrbanAlps Stealth lock - The most modern copy protected lock in the world
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The UrbanAlps Stealth locks are the first locks with 3D printed keys in the world

This technique is not only modern and practically but also offers you a extreme robust and precise key. This ist he reason why the same material from which the UrbanAlps stealth keys are made is used in the aerospace


Furthermore UrbanAlps Stealth locks offers you the following advantages:

- The UrbanAlps Stealth Zylinder are extremely robust and safe

- The UrbanAlps Stelth key code can be found inside the key. So the key code is hidden and cannot be fotographed to copy inside a 3D Printer

- The UrbanAlps Stealth locks offers by virtue of it’s shape a protection against electro-picking and against the bump key technique

- Of course the UrbanAlps Stealth locks are equipped with a drill and pull protection.

- The UrbanAlps Stealth locks also offer an innovative copy protection. Just the manufacturer can copy new keys

- All UrbanAlps Stealth locks are seawater resistant


Who are the  UrbanAlps Stealth locks suitable for??

The UrbanAlps Stealth locks are suitable for:

- Authorities

- Enterprises / companies

- Family houses

- Administrative bodies

- Banks

- Military structures

- Airports

- Oil rigs

- Sensitive facilities


The UrbanAlps Stealth locks are available in the following models:

- UrbanAlps Stealth Europrofile-Half cylinder

- UrbanAlps Stealth Europrofile-Double cylinder

- UrbanAlps Stealth Europrofile-Double cylinder / Rotating knob

- UrbanAlps Stealth cam cylinder

- UrbanAlps Stealth Outdorr cylinder

- UrbanAlps Stealth-Padlock – “Heavy Duty”


All UrbanAlps locks are VDS proved and are also available as a master-key system


Please feel free to contact us if you need an UrbanAlps Stealth Master key system.

Attention: Most of the core protecting fittings or protection rosettes cannot be used together with the UrbanAlps stealth locks because the profile has around shape.

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