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Our range of security products is wide. You can not only find lock cylinders, but also fittings, padlocks and other security products.

You can find our security products from countless brands in our assortment. The brands ISEO, KBV, Wilka, KESO, ABUS, CES and BKS offer the most different locking cylinders. Our own brand Lockmaster distributes the emergency and training cylinders. From UrbanAlps you will find the innovative Stealth padlocks and locking cylinders. The fittings in our assortment are from the brands Drumm Geminy, BESA and BASI. In addition, the brands BASI, Master Lock as well as Pro-Line and Diskus offer various padlocks in addition to locking cylinders. Furthermore, our assortment includes the electronic locking cylinders from Dormakaba.

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    Peterson - MINI OTOSCOPE
    €21.42 €18.00
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    Peterson - Pinning Mat
    €17.85 €15.00
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    Peterson - Zylinderstiftpinzette
    €14.28 €12.00
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