KESO 8000Ω2  padlock shackle diameter 10mm

KESO 8000Ω2 padlock shackle diameter 10mm

KESO 8000Ω2  Bolt lock with knob and rim lock (centric)

KESO 8000Ω2 Bolt lock with knob and rim lock (centric)

KESO 8000Ω2 padlock with 55 wire rope

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with 55 wire rope
€194.60 €163.53
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The KESO 8000 system is not only a reliable security system, it also offers a high security protection. In addition to the patent term till 2034 the KESO 8000 systems also offers a design protection. That' is the reason why it is quite difficult to make a key for non authorized KESO partners. So you get a copy protection as well and you also buy a long investment protection.

The KESO 8000Ω2 euro double profile cylinder is one of the safest lock in the world. The products fullfill the strict VDS norms and are certified according to EN 1303. So KESO guarantee a good quality.

The KESO 8000 Omega2 System

The KESO Omega-key is equipped with a innovative bolt / spring technology which have to been actuated when you open your KESO lock. Cause of this mechanic KESO could increase the copy protection of the KESO key. The Omega2 system is just availabel inside the System KESO 8000Ω2.

The KESO 8000Ω2 keys are not only supplied with the high-precision dimple holes that can be displayed in two lines, but also with additional diffusion holes, which makes it almost impossible to read the tkey code.


Product features KESO  8000Ω² padlock 82.J37.2020

  • Body material: brass
  • Lock material: brass
  • Body: 42/38mm
  • With 55 cm wire rope (High 220 cm)
  • Forced to close
  • With hardened pin tumblers HRC60

The delivery of the KESO 8000Ω² padlock 82.J37.2020 includes:

  • 1 x KESO 8000Ω² padlock

Attention KESO key are not included in the delivery and have to be ordered separately

As KESO 8000 costumer you have the choice of the following keys

  • KESO 8000Ω² round key
  • KESO 8000Ω² trapezoid key
  • KESO 8000Ω² long / large key
  • KESO 8000Ω² extra long / extra large key
  • KESO 8000Ω² coloured key trapezoid
  • KESO 8000Ω² coloured key long / large key
  • KESO 8000Ω² coloured key extra long / extra large key

Please use the KESO spray to maintain the KESO lock.

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Delivery time2-3 Tage
Active copy protectionNo
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