dormakaba evolo digital cylinder 1437 (euro profile) - anti panic

dormakaba evolo digital cylinder 1437 (euro profile) - anti panic

dormakaba evolo digital cylinder 1431 (euro profile) - asymmetrical length side A 25mm

dormakaba evolo digital cylinder 1431 (euro profile) - asymmetrical length side A 25mm

dormakaba evolo digital cylinder 1439 (euro profile) - dual

dormakaba digital cylinder
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The dormakaba evolo digital cylinder is one of the best electronic cylinders on the market. The dormakaba evolo system was especially designed for small facilities up to 50 user. As a result the dormakaba evolo system is the ideal choice for private housholds or small to medium sized companies.

The programming process of the access transponders as well as the key management can be done by the dormakaba app or if you have a bigger facility through the dormakaba Matrix software solution.

We offer in our online shop dormakaba evolo digital cylinder system level 1 for small facilities up to 50 users. Please send us an request if you need a bigger system like system 2 or system 3. Usually you can also upgrade your existing system for an additional charge later.


To programming the lock you need at least a programming amster card B

Please note that wether the programming master card, nor transponder or access keys are included in the delivery.

Your advantages of the dormakaba Evolo-Smart-Starter-Kit at a glance:

  • Mobile Access
  • Wireless-Function
  • Security
  • Functional
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into all dormakaba solution
  • Modulare construction to adjust the length of the lock
  • Quick and easy assembly and therefore quick changover from mechanic to electronics
  • Innovativ and high quality design
  • Programmable up to 50 user by app

Scope of delivery of your dormakaba digital cylinder

  • 1 x. dormakaba digital cylinder SL1 dual
  • 1 x battery
  • 1 x screw (M5 x 75)
  • 1 x short manual

Technical specification for your dormakaba Evolo digital cylinder

Supported RFID standards

  • LEGIC (advant & prime)
  • MIFARE (DESFire & Classic)
  • OSS-SO Version 2017-10 (LEGIC advant,
  • NFC - Near Field Communication (with Android Smart Phones)


  • Euro profile, round profile
  • Oval-profile  (Scandinavia, Australia), ANSI
  • Designs: Standard / default, half, dual, anti-panic, without inside knob
  • Surfaces: nickel-plated (stainless steel look), polished brass, black, matt chrome-plated
  • Option „protected”: high drill protection
  • Antenna cover: black or white

Lock specification 

  • cylinder length: min. 80mm
  • Extensions in 5 mm steps
  • max. cylinder length 220 mm ( not all length are available in our online shop. Please contact us if you need a longer lock)
  • Outside knob: Ø 36 x 45 mm
  • Inside knob: Ø 36 x 29 mm 
  • Small inside knob: Ø 30 x 27 mm

Radio interface

  • IEEE 802.15.4
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy

Power supply

  • Batterie: 1 x 3 V CR2 Lithium

Enviroment / lifespan

  • Temperature: -25 °C bis +70 °C
  • Protection class exterior : IP56
  • Humidity: 0 bis 95 %, nicht kondensierend
  • Battery life 20 °C: up to  50.000 cykles or up to 2 years


  • EN 15684: 1 6 B 4 A F 3 2
  • Option „protected”: VdS class BZ+ 
  • Fire protection: EN 1634-2: 95 Min.

Further details and order informtion can be found in the corresponding dormakaba catalog or in the system description. Note: The functionality of the products depends on the selected system environment. Certain options may not be available yeat.

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