Overview of our product videos!

Here you can find videos about our products and how to use them.


You have a car that no longer has a key, but you absolutely have to get in? Or the key is in the car, and you can not get it? See the solution in the video!

When to use which ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screws?

When do you use which screw and why? Why can't the dark blue screw be used in Germany? How far should you screw in the Zieh-Fix screw? Is it possible to skip screws? These and many more questions are answered in our video!

Window drilling

Developed for firefighters in Germany and used by locksmiths and professionals alike: This special drill is designed to drill holes in windows that can be easily covered until a new layer of glass can be installed.

Panic Doors Opener

With our panic door openers, doors can be opened in no time even without a key. Find out exactly how, as shown in our video.

Power Pull Cracker V2

This new cylinder biter breaks off lock cylinders even with just the slightest protrusion. The ultimate cracking tube for the locksmith and the fire brigade. We demonstrate in the video how this can be done in no time at all.

Spiral Door Latch Opener

The spiral opener set can be used to open many locked doors. We show which doors the product is particularly suitable for in the video!

Plan B Window Opener

This Plan B window and balcony door opener was developed to open tilted or not fully closed windows in Germany and other European countries in a non-destructive manner.

Door Latch Opening Glider

The door latch slides enable the door to be opened quickly when it has fallen shut and are suitable for left and right hinges. We show exactly how in the video.

ZIEH-FIX „bell“

The ZIEH-FIX® "bell" is the most common pulling device of the new generation and is our proud ZIEH-FIX® achievement. In the video we show the Zieh-Fix bell pulling a cylinder out of a model door.

Tool cases comparison of our own case range

In this video we present our own tool cases and recommend which case is suitable for whom.

ZIEH-FIX® Carbide Cutter

In this video we introduce you to the special features of our milling cutters and give you valuable tips on how to use them!

Flash Mobile

The Silca "Flash Mobile" key cutting machine can cut flat keys and is especially relevant for small locksmiths, caretakers, kiosk owners, property managers and businesses. We present the device in the video.

Unboxing Keyreader

In this video we present the Key Info Reader from xHorse!

Unboxing XP005L

We will show you the set-up of the new xHorse milling machine, what you need to consider when using it, and decipher different profiles together.

Unboxing Keytool Plus

The XHorse VVDI Key Tool Plus offers you extensive possibilities for key programming. We present the tool to you in the video.

Credit Card Pick Set V2

We present the Lockmaster® Credit Card Pick Set V2 in the video and show how to use the product.