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Magic Key Set - Complete

Magic Key Set - Complete

MAGIC KEY Set Medium - Made in Germany

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Set with 8 self-impressioning keys.
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  • Set with self-impressioning keys.

Specially designed keys with movable pins for each lever.

Insert the impression key into the lock and rotate all the way to the stop and stay in touch. With swinging movements the movable pins ca be brought into the necessary position to open the lock. 


Magic Key 01E                6 + 6               Mottura, Klass, Gardian, Elbor, Atra, CR            
Magic Key 02E     + 6 +           Mottura - Nucleo
Magic Key 03E     3 + 3          Mottura, Lince, ELP (Kazan)
Magic Key 04E     6 + 6          Securemme
Magic Key 05E     3 + 3          Securemme, CAm, Juwel
Magic Key 06E   3 + 5 + 3          Cisa, Stavr
Magic Key 07E     3 + 3          Cisa
Magic Key 08E     4 + 4          CAM, Boda-428, Abloy, Juwel


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Delivery time2-3 Tage
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Set in case contains:
Magic Keys 1 to 8
2 pcs. Handle  
1 pc.   Assembly Pin
40 pcs. Movable Pins 11.0 mm (NM)
10 pcs. Movable Pins 12.5 mm (SC)

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