Beschichteter Hartmetall Fräser - verschiedene Längen

Beschichteter Hartmetall Fräser - verschiedene Längen

Locking tool box DIN 14800-WKT Door opening incl. pull cracker

Locking tool box DIN 14800-WKT Door opening incl. pull cracker

Locking tool box DIN 14800-WKT door opening incl. bell

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6-8 Weeks
Locking tool box "Fire brigade" for door opening. NEW According to DIN 14800 + additional tool ZIEH-FIX® "Bell".
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  • LIGHT: Due to the aluminum housing, the case is as light as possible and can be easily transported
  • STACKABLE: Due to the stacking edge, the tool case can be easily stacked for door opening
  • SUPPLEMENT: In accordance with DIN 14800-WKT we have added further useful tools, e.g. ZIEH-FIX® "bell".
  • ROBUST: Due to dust and splash water protection, the locking tool box for door opening is robust and durable.

When it has to go fast in the field!

In this toolbox for door opening you will find all frequently used tools for opening doors and windows, as well as other useful additions!

The tools in the case for door opening are stored in a stackable transport box made of aluminum according to DIN 14880. The box made of aluminum brings some advantages. The locking tool box is lighter than the previous models, but just as sturdy. Due to the dust and splash water protection, the box is rust-free and durable. The light alloy of the tool box has high strength and corrosion resistance.

Other features of the box are: smooth side walls, spot-welded high seams, all-round edges made of sturdy pressed aluminum profile and hinged lids with rubber seal, which ensure dust and splash water resistance.

In accordance with DIN 14800-WKT, we have added some useful tools to the toolbox.

Important Note: Not all tools included here can be stored in the box. Partially the tools must be stored outside.

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Delivery time6-8 Weeks
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