Transponder for programming car keys

We offer different transponders for coding / programming of car keys.

Pre-coded transponders for car keys

Some of our transponders for car keys are already pre-coded for special brands and models. Other transponders are still blank and can be pre-coded for the appropriate car with special equipment. Attention: A pre-coding is not a programming! The transponders must all be inserted into a car key and programmed to the car. For this purpose, there are specialized companies that have specialized in the programming of car keys. We will be glad to help you and to refer you to a specialized company for car keys in your area.

SILCA transponders for cloning car keys

With some transponders, such as the SILCA GTI or the T5 transponders, it is possible to copy or clone the data one-to-one. In this way, new car keys can be made quickly and easily.

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