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THE machine for car keys!

Best Price / Performance for cutting car keys! Fast cutting of flat and laser keys!

Gymkana makes it possible to cut keys for vehicles that no longer have an original key. After opening the vehicle with a smart decoder or 2-in-1 pick, read the key code and enter it into the machine, you will receive a working key.

Price on Request.

Inquire now!

Gymkana 994 is the electronic key cutting machine for automotive laser and edge cut keys. Incredibly versatile, with the unique and exclusive Keyline design, Gymkana 994 revolutionizes the key duplication industry, making automotive key copying widely available.


Equipped with an optional rechargeable battery and with a compact and ergonomic design, Gymkana 994 can be easily transported.

Unlimeted versatility.

With Gymkana 994 it becomes possible to make key copies on-the-road with your Android smartphone or tablet through the dedicated Keyline App.

Proven Keyline Technology.

The innovative universal clamp for laser and edge cut keys and the sturdy structure combined with Keyline technology, are the quality assurance of Gymkana 994.

Especially cost effective.

Gymkana 994 grants a quick pay back, thanks to an optimal quality-price ratio.

Gymkana 994 can be also used with the optional console using Keyline Liger software.

Stay tuned to discover the complete Gymkana 994 features!

Jaw details
Drawer Details
Flat Keys
Laser Keys
Tibbe Keys

Technical Features

Power Supply

90-260V 50-60Hz


Power Consumption

120W (35W in stand-by)


Battery (optional)


Movement / Axis

3 axis, guided by stepper motors through interpolated linear moves




Elektronische Ausstattung

Electronic Equipment

High resolution axis control

External Connections

1 USB; 1 LAN


LED - illuminated cutting bay

Decoding System

Electric contact



Universal clamp for laser and edge cut automotive keys. Optional clamps upon request:
H: for Tibbe keys (6 spaces)
S: for Simplex keys
V: for Volkswagen laser keys



Universal cutter in Widia Ø2,0mm for laser, edge cut and Tibbe keys

Geschwindigkeit des Fräsers

Cutter Speed

3000-8000 rpm (variable speed according to the programs)

Geschwindigkeit des Fräsers


Width: 300mm | Depth: 440mm | Height: 310mm


Maschine: 17,5kg | Console: 0,8kg

Console (Optional) Technical Features

Power Supply

DC 24V (powered by the key cutting machine)

User Interface

7" industrial color touch screen, 16:10 resolution 800x480px, VGA

Elektronische Ausstattung

Electronic Equipment

Mainboard with iMX6 CPU, 1GB RAM, 4GB memory