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Europe‘s No 1 offers one of the largest ranges of opening tools with an assortment of over 6000 items including beside our own production also selected tools of the most important manufacturers of the world. Apart from opening tools we also offer a large range of various products to our customers. Whether key blanks, lock picking tools, lock cylinder, security products, key programming equipment or products for fire brigades. We offer everything from one source. More than 100,000 customers already trust our service.

Even for small bits a huge selection - that is our strength

We consciously focus on niche products and special purpose solutions in our product range to offer our customers a solution for nearly every situation.

Not doing things by halves - Tools for the professional user

Computer assisted design, high standard raw material, latest manufacturing processes, careful final check and most thorough practical tests – that’s what we stand for.

Satisfied customers – that’s our most important goal

First class support and services around our products characterize us – just give us a call.

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Company Tour

Need paved the way for invention.

Company founder Adalbert Wendt was a trained tools maker and lead a pipe constructing company.

At that time he had a passion for fast motorcycles. Out of this hobby his own racing team FA. RAU-Motorradtechnik was formed at the end of 1983. Here racing machines were developed to start internationally in the superbike category.

They developed and built for renowned German racing drivers, such as Toni Mang. These racing units were also permitted on the road in an adapted version and RAU became a brand label for motorcycle enthusiasts.

In 1986 the office premises and workshop had to be relocated due to shortage of space. During this relocation a locksmith was contacted to open a door at the new company building. When the door was opened in quite a destructive way by the expert this destructed door triggered a process in the hobbyist and inventor Adalbert Wendt. Research at other locksmith showed that professionally manufactured and well-thought opening tools did not exist in Europe or were produced for the American market.

So in the autumn of 1986 the first opening tool was already patent-registered. This tool better known under the name ZIEH-FIX® generated excitement and sensation and became the foundation for the company Fa. A.Wendt Sicherheits- und Aufsperrtechnik GmbH.

During his occupation Adalbert Wendt became the owner of numerous patents and utility patents and revolutionized not only the market for opening techniques but also lay the foundation for this market. From this basis a prosperous and established company as well as partner companies grew and a huge network which is unique within this industry.

Sadly our founder Adalbert Wendt passed away on 24.03.2019.


1983 Pipe construction
1986 ZIEH-FIX®
1988 Elektro-Pick
1991 First workshop
1992 New offices
1995 CNC machines
1996 New workshop spaces
1999 First online shop
2000 Flat hand-picks
2005 Expansion
2009 Large Steps
2013 Car locksmith services
2015 Businesstransfer
2016 Vehicle hall
2017 Sales milestone
2019 Huge loss
2020 Online workshops
2021 Modernisation online shop

Pipe construction and formation of RAU Motorradtechnik

Relocation of business offices to Bergheim and development of ZIEH-FIX ®

Manufacturing and marketing of the first commercial Electro-Picks

First workshop at our premisses

Adding a floor and creation of new offices

Acquisition of first CNC Machine – Adjustment of production from conventional machines to CNC machines

Leasing of new workshop spaces

Preparation and creation of first online shop for opening tools

Acquisition of a wire eroding machine to manufacture lock picks, introduction of 0.5 mm thick hand-picks as one of the first in Europe

Expansion of business premisses with own workshop room and new offices spaces

Product range extension with car key programming units and ABRITES – Registration as training company with the Chamber of Commerce in Cologne

Establishment of one of the first car locksmith services in Germany to gather experience for our customers

Start of the new online shop and transfer of business to the two sons Enrico and Sascha Wendt

Extension of premisses by a vehicle hall for workshops and support

Sale of car key blanks via the online shop. Meanwhile there are over 1100 different casings, remote control, Transponder and spare parts available online

Company founder Adalbert Wendt passes away. Sympathy within the industry is huge.

Introduction of online workshops

Modernisation of online shop with emphasis on user-friendliness and integration of security products in the online shop

What we offer:

Crucial for perfect working conditions, safe handling and more working comfort are quality tools. Our technical experts combine technical know-how, first class knowledge and innovative forces. Innovative ideas lead to high standard tools which are developed from the first idea to readiness for start of production. As quality is a very high priority for us every one of our own products is accompanied by a quality check program from draft to delivery. We constantly expand our product and service portfolio..

Development, production and sale of opening tools

Workshops and trainings

Equipment for programming of car electronic

Your system supplier for locksmith, property management, fire brigades and authorities

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