Seminar "Applied Opening Technique" in english

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Applied Opening Technique

The quick guide for opening methods

Target Group:

Block seminar for beginners, locksmith, entrepeneur and fire brigades. The two day class conveys the width spectrum of locks and door cylinders in the domestic area. So the seminar is also the ideal choice for students who would like to receive a comprehensive insight in the classical and modern as well as destructive and non destructive opening methods.


Theodor Schürmann,
Josef Schumacher

Topics day 1:


Explanationa of the following locks and security systems:

  • Warded and Chubb locks
  • Locks with pins and wafers
  • Padlocks
  • Cross barty
  • Tubular locks

Explanation of the following opening methods:

Destructive opening methods:

  • Plug destruction, tearing, milling

Non destructive methods

  • Lever pick sets, manual lockpicking,
  • Pick guns and electronic pick guns



Plug destruction and tearing with

ZIEH-FIX® Glocke,
ZIEH-FIX® Premium.
Milling of euro profile cylinders


9.00 am to approx. 5:00 pm.


Topics day  2:


Basic lockpicking
Introduction into the non destructive opening methods


  • Hand picking and electro picking
  • Cross pick
  • Tubular picks
  • Door latch opening with sliders, cards and needles
  • Usage of the lever opening tools
  • Opening of non locked doors through the spy hole
  • Tilting Window opener


9.00 Uhr am to approx  3.00 pm.

Please note that this seminar just will be in english

Seminar takes place in the Wendt training center in Germany

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